From Children:

  • 'Coming here helps me with my worries.'
  • 'Coming to the playroom has helped my anger problems and it has helped me to calm myself in difficult situations.'
  • 'It's a place where you can play fun games and get rid of your worries.'
  • 'It's been helpful coming here. It has helped me to calm down and makes the rest of the week OK after I've been here. It's nice to talk about things, not just keep it inside.'
  • 'In the room you can say anything. You can let your feelings out. You have fun and can talk about friendships.'
  • 'When I come here, it helps me to feel calm after I’ve had a rough time.'
  • 'It’s a place where you can really be yourself. It helps with your confidence'
  • 'The sessions are really good and helpful. It can really change you for the better. It can help you to feel less angry without even realising it.'

All shared with permission